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The Delicate Dance of Hormonal Balance

The Delicate Dance of Hormonal Balance
Looking for better hormone health? Get Your Free Guide For Ending Hormonal Imbalance Right Here. Written by Dr. Sherrill Sellman
eBook, 41 Pages
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Looking for better hormone health?

Get Your Free Guide For Ending Hormonal Imbalance Right Here.

As some of our body's key messengers, hormones literally rule our health. They tell our body what to do in a million different ways!

But if they're out of whack . . . Oh, what misery!   

  • Low Energy
  • Night sweats and hot flashes
  • Miserable grumpy days, laced with anxiety that comes from nowhere
  • Trouble getting to sleep but a libido that never seems to wake up
  • Dry skin, hair growth in all the wrong places and merciless itchiness in the most inappropriate spots
  • Weight gain that feels impossible to reverse
  • Scary breast pain and unpredictable vaginal bleeding that messes up your clothes and your plans

And this is just the beginning of a very long list . . .

If you're dealing with any of these frustrating physical problems, you're probably dealing with off-kilter hormones.

Take the First Step to End Hormonal Imbalance Right Here.

Leading women's hormone health expert Dr. Sherrill Sellman is internationally known for the research she's done on women's hormone health and her practical advice.

"Sherrill is a genuine heroine for women everywhere! She has devoted decades of her life to debunking the myths and untruths that surround the complex subject of hormonal balance and health."

- Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.
Award-winning and NY Times best-selling author of the Fat Flush Plan

"Dr. Sherrill Sellman has radically changed my life for the better. Her vast command and understanding of women's bodies, hormone health, nutrition, dietary supplements and herbs along with Chinese medicine make her one of my great teachers."

- Judy Levy-Dawson
President of Imagine Love, Inc.

And right now, through a special arrangement with Pomegranate Health, you can get free access to her hormone health insights.

Just order a copy of her free eBook, The Delicate Dance of Hormonal Balance.

When you get your copy, you'll . . .

  •     Find out how hormones work in your body so you can regain control. Dr. Sellman explains the role hormones play in your body . . . and this goes well beyond your reproductive health.
  •     Find out the conventional myths that get in the way of hormone health so you can choose the right path to feeling better. Dr. Sellman brings research and clear explanations to helping shatter 4 hormone myths that keep women and their hormones off-kilter.
  •     Find out an incredibly effective and natural way to keep you and your hormones healthy. Dr. Sellman delves into the research and traditional use of a hormone health aid that has been used by women for thousands of years.

Great eBook. Must read for every woman who is interested in her health and wellbeing. Found it very educational and informative.

Reviewed by: Jennifer from Perth, Western Australia on

Very interesting and enlightening. I will undergo wrist surgery tomorrow, and looking forward to using all my homeopathic knowledge and tools ( and pomegranite) to regain balance, good healing and strength to my life.

Reviewed by: Kat Duggan from Palm Harbor,Fl on

Worth the read. Informational and worth the read.

Reviewed by: M from USA on

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